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What is it?

As a follow up to NBCUniversal's ZAFARI, the first TV show ever created exclusively in a game engine, PS-51 is both a traditional linear TV show and an interactive world in the Metaverse (specifically future versions of Fortnite Creator  or Unreal Editor for Fortnite - similar to Fall Guys but with storytelling). Once validated through parental controls, children go into the PS-51 world and watch the episode from any angle.  And sometimes the show stops so kids can interact with characters or objects to move the story along.  Kids might have to solve basic puzzles or find objects.  Controls will be extremely simple and easy to use on mobile platforms..  But it's critical to note that there will be no active Fortnite-style fighting or shooting in PS-51.  It's a brand built for the future, where the metaverse collides with safe content for kids.

Creative Concept

Some of the world’s most famous pre-schools are New York’s PS-1 and PS-32. But the least famous pre-school in the world is definitely PS-51.  In fact, almost no one knows about it.  It’s hidden.  And it’s not ever talked about it.  We mean it - destroy your computer or device after you’ve read this.  Better yet, just destroy it now.

PS-51 is the school in the famous Area-51 where aliens have allegedly landed.  In fact, they have.  A handful of military personnel and scientists know about it.  And in the middle of a desert valley, they’ve constructed an oasis town under a bubble that hides their very existence (when the bubble works, that is). The aliens have become valid and productive members of this community, and work side-by-side with their human hosts. Some aliens work on science projects with us, including how to turn gravity 90-degrees every 32 seconds or how to make trans-dimensional time spaceships out of peanut butter.  Some are alien doctors, taking care of the other aliens or vastly improving the health of the humans.  Some are even teachers.  And they are responsible for imparting wisdom and knowledge into the community’s children, both human and alien, at local PS-51.  This show, with its Emmy Award winning writers, is about the second grade class, and all of the crazy ways these characters learn about  each other and, through that, the universe.

Please check out the pilot script HERE!

Target Audience

  • Early bridge, ages 4-7

  • Adult parents if they are watching with their pre-schoolers

  • Alien life forms

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